Horse Racing Place Terms

With the exception of Ante Post, the place terms are dependent on how many runners take part in the race when under starters order as opposed to the initially declared runners:

  • 1-4 runners: win only.
  • 5-7 runners: 1/4 odds a place for 1,2.
  • 8+ runners: 1/5 odds a place for 1,2,3.
  • 12-15 runners in handicaps only: 1/4 odds a place 1,2,3
  • 16+ runners in handicaps only: 1/4 odds a place 1,2,3,4.

For example, you back a selection in a race where eight runners have been initially declared.  As it stands we’d be paying 1/5  of the odds for the first 3 places.  Leading up to the race, one of the selections is deemed a non-runner (NR) and at the time of the race, under starters orders, the field of runners is now seven.  The place terms, therefore, would pay 1/4 of the odds and first 2 places.

Please note, there may be a slight delay in instances where the field of runners is reduced and the places paid change.  In all instances, the place terms will always be paid as above.

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