General Football Rules

All bets apply to normal time, 90 minutes plus any added injury or stoppage time unless otherwise stated.

We reserve the right to void or delay settlement on an event(s) where irregular or suspicious betting patterns are deemed to have occurred by our risk or trading teams pending the outcome of any internal or external investigation.

Any reference to “Normal Time” or “90 minutes” is deemed to be 90 minutes of regular scheduled play plus injury or stoppage time.

On occasion, matches may be played in a format other than 2 x 45 minute halves. In this case, where the match is scheduled to last less or more than 90 minutes (e.g. - 2 x 60 minutes or 2 x 30 minutes), unsettled markets will be made void. If the match is played as 90 minutes, but in a different format (such as 3 x 30 minute periods), then match markets will be settled as normal but any market that includes half-time betting will be made void.

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