The sportsbook progress bar doesn't seem to be moving, why?

A common question is why the progress bar has not moved when placing a bet(s).

There are a number of reasons that could impact this, such as placing a bet that does not qualify. Examples of these are as follows:

  1. Bets placed under the min odd requirement
  2. Cashed out bets 
  3. Voided bets 
  4. SP (Starting Price) 
  5. Bets placed with free bets 
  6. Virtual sports bets 
  7. Multiple bets on a specific market*

*NB:  If you place multiple selections on a specific market all bets on this market will not count towards the wagering contribution. For example, where a customer places a bet on Chelsea to beat Manchester United, if any subsequent bets are placed on Manchester United or the Draw all the bets placed on that specific market will not count towards the wagering contribution. Another example of this is if a customer bets on multiple horses in the same race in horse racing, all the bets will not count towards the wagering contribution.

To confirm what bets qualify for the Sportsbook wagering, please see the article "What bets qualify for the Sportsbook bonus wagering?"

Please bear in mind only SETTLED qualifying bets count toward the wagering requirement.  Bets that are still running (open) and the outcome yet to be determined, will not be included in the progress until the eventuality has been confirmed. 

The Show All Qualifying Bets link will display all the contributing bets/stakes.  Only settled bets will be shown here.

This information can be found under the “My Promotions” tab (My Account > My Promotions) or if logged in, click here

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