How do I create a secure password?

Password strength

When creating a password, we recommend:

  • Minimum of eight (8) characters
  • Using upper case (CAPITAL) and lower case (small) letters
  • Include numbers
  • Include special characters and / or symbols ( ! ,  .  &  %  )

Tips for a secure password

  • Don’t use the same password twice
  • Don’t use personal information
  • Don’t use a dictionary word
  • Don’t use your name
  • Don’t use your email address

This information is seen as easy to guess and therefore easy to crack.

If you use the same password on many sites, a hacker who compromises one site can easily gain access to your account on all the others.

Passwords to Avoid Using

Some of the most vulnerable passwords to avoid using are:

  • Password / passw0rd / password1
  • 12345 / 123456 / 1234567890
  • qwerty / qwertyuiop / 1qaz2wsx
  • welcome / login / admin

The reason why you should not use them is because they are easily guessed and therefore seen as very weak passwords.

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