Boxing Betting Rules

All individual bout markets will be settled according to the official result of the relevant governing body immediately after the end of the fight, regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result (except if an amendment is announced within 24 hours of the initial settlement of the relevant market in order to correct an error in tallying the points or in order to correct an error in reporting the result).

If a fight is abandoned, cancelled or postponed and not completed within three days of the scheduled start date, or a boxer is withdrawn or substituted before the first round bell, all bets will be void.

In boxing: If a boxer retires before the start of a round, fails to answer the bell, or is disqualified for any reason between rounds, the fight will be deemed to have finished at the end of the previous round.

If one of the boxers is disqualified they will be deemed a loser.

Any fight which goes to a Technical Decision will be considered to be an early stoppage. This will result in the round of the stoppage being settled as the winner. For the method of victory market this means the KO/TKO or DQ selection will be settled as the winner.

If the scheduled duration of the fight is altered in time or number of rounds then all bets will be void, with the exception of bets on match odds markets which will stand.

If the scheduled venue is changed after a bet is placed so that the new venue is changed to a venue in a different country then all bets will be void. For all other changes to the scheduled venue bets will stand.

If a fight is declared a ‘no contest’ then all bets will be void.

If the fight is declared a ‘Technical Draw’ it will be settled as a ‘Draw’.

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