Batsman Runs

The result of this market is determined by the total number of runs scored by a named batsman in the course of an innings.

Only runs attributed to the named batsman count. Extras (e.g. wides, no-balls, leg-byes, etc.) that occur during the course of that batsman’s innings do not count as runs accrued by that batsman. If a batsman retires hurt but returns to bat later then the total number of runs scored by the batsman during the innings is the final result. If a batsman retires hurt and does not re-emerge to bat during that innings then the score amassed before injury is the final result.

In limited overs matches, unless settlement has already been determined, batsman runs bets will be void if the match is reduced by any number of overs from its original scheduled duration.

In test matches, batsman runs bets will settle regardless of the length of an innings.

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