Rugby League and Rugby Union In-play Betting Rules

All bets are settled on 80 minutes of play. Any extra time does not affect the settlement of a bet, unless such a bet is on an extra-time betting market.

Where odds for both outright and handicap betting are available, all bets will be settled on the outright price unless the handicap price has been specifically selected. However, where only handicap betting is available all bets will be settled on the advertised handicap price and conditions.

If a handicap bet results in a tie when there was not a price quoted for the tie, then all bets will be void. If a price was quoted for the tie, then bets on both teams will be losing bets and bets on the handicap tie will be winning bets.

If a match is abandoned either before it starts or before the end of the second half, then all bets will be void except for those where the outcome has already been unconditionally determined, for example first try scorer where a try has been scored.

For first match/first team try scorer markets penalty tries are ignored for the purposes of first try scorer betting. Bets will be void on any players who have not been on the field before the first try is scored.

For ‘any time try scorer ‘ market, all bets on players not starting the match will be void.

If a match is postponed and rescheduled to take place within 24 hours of the original start time, all bets on that match shall stand. If a match is no longer to be played at the advertised venue, all bets on that match will stand provided that the venue has not been changed to the opponent’s ground (or in the case of international matches, provided the venue remains in the same country).

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