Bet Settlement

The start of a snooker match is deemed to be at the break for the first frame, even if there is a subsequent re-rack in the first frame. Any frames that are forfeit due to a player’s late arrival shall count for correct score betting purposes.

If a player fails to start a tournament or match, all bets on that player, or on matches involving that player, will be void. We may apply the equivalent to a Tattersalls’ rule 4(c) (see table under horse racing section) to the remaining players in the tournament.

In the event of a re-rack, bets placed before the start of the frame will stand on any markets for which a result has not been determined and will be settled once a result has been determined. Points scored in the re-racked frame before the re-rack do not carry over. Bets placed after the break of the frame (and since any previous re-rack) but before a re-rack will be void.

For correct frame and total frame markets, if a match is completed without one player winning sufficient frames to win the match based on the scheduled number of frames (for example, due to the withdrawal or disqualification of a player during a match), then all bets on correct frame score and total frame markets will be void.

For first colour potted markets, balls potted as free balls or on a foul stroke are ignored. The colour must be one of yellow, green, brown, blue, pink or black.

For match betting purposes if one player withdraws or is disqualified after the match has already started, the player progressing to the next round will be considered the winner of the match. All other markets (e.g. correct score betting, handicaps etc) shall be void.

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