Theoretical Return to Player (RTP)

The theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is the percentage of total wins over total stakes played.

The average RTP % is calculated over millions of game plays for each game, over long periods of time.

NamePlatformPayout %
1 Can 2 CanDesktop95.25%
1 Can 2 CanMobile95.25%
100 LadiesDesktop94.90%
100 PandasDesktop94.90%
100,000 PyramidDesktop92.70%
100,000 PyramidMobile92.70%
1421 Voyages of ZhengHeDesktop94.10%
1421 Voyages of ZhengHeMobile94.10%
1429 Uncharted SeasDesktop98.63%
3 Wheel RouletteDesktop97.29%
300 ShieldsDesktop95.30%
300 ShieldsMobile95.30%
5 KnightsDesktop95.35%
5 Reel DriveDesktop96% – 97%
5 Reel DriveMobile96% – 97%
6 AppealDesktop95.53%
6 AppealMobile95.53%
A Dragon StoryDesktop95.62%
A Dragon StoryMobile95.62%
A While on the NileDesktop95.63%
A While on the NileMobile95.63%
Absolute Super ReelsDesktop95.05% – 95.55%
Aces and EightsDesktop99% – 100%
Aces And EightsMobile99.09%
Aces and FacesDesktop99% – 100%
Aces And FacesMobile99.26%
Aces and Faces Power PokerDesktop99% – 100%
Adventure PalaceDesktop96.10%
Adventure PalaceMobile96.10%
Age of DiscoveryDesktop96% – 97%
Age of DiscoveryMobile96.62%
Age of SpartansDesktop90.60%
Age of SpartansMobile90.60%
Age of Spartans Spin16Desktop94.00%
Age of Spartans Spin16Mobile94.00%
Agent Jane BlondeDesktop96% – 97%
Agent Jane BlondeMobile96.10%
Alaskan FishingDesktop96% – 97%
Alaskan FishingMobile96.63%
Alice in WonderslotsDesktop95.21%
Alice in WonderslotsMobile95.21%
Alien RobotsDesktop96.60%
All Aces PokerDesktop99% – 100%
All AmericanDesktop99% – 100%
All American Double UpDesktop97.05% – 98.11%
Aloha! TouchMobile96.40%
American RouletteDesktop94% – 95%
American RouletteDesktop94.74%
An Evening with Holly MadisonDesktop95.08%
An Evening with Holly MadisonMobile95.08%
Andre the GiantDesktop95.65%
Arctic FortuneDesktop96% – 97%
Arctic MadnessDesktop95.08%
Arctic MadnessMobile95.08%
ArianaDesktop95% – 96%
ArianaMobile95% – 96%
Art of the HeistDesktop96.67%
Art of the HeistMobile96.67%
Asian BeautyDesktop96% – 97%
Asian BeautyMobile96% – 97%
Astro RouletteDesktop97.30%
Atlantic Blackjack GoldMobile99% – 100%
Atlantic City Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Attack of the ZombiesDesktop96.37%
Attack of the ZombiesMobile96.37%
AvalonDesktop96% – 97%
Avalon IIDesktop95% – 96%
Aztec SecretsDesktop95.50%
Aztec SecretsMobile95.50%
BaccaratDesktop98% – 99%
BaccaratMobile85.64% – 98.94%
Baccarat GoldDesktop98% – 99%
Baccarat Professional – High LimitDesktop98.96%
Baccarat Professional – Low LimitDesktop98.96%
Baccarat Professional – Standard LimitDesktop98.96%
Baccarat Professional – VIP LimitDesktop98.96%
Ballonies FarmDesktop94.30%
Ballonies FarmMobile94.30%
Bangkok NightsDesktop95.12%
Bar Bar Black SheepDesktop95% – 96%
Bar Bar Black SheepMobile95% – 96%
Barn VilleDesktop95.00%
Barn VilleMobile95.00%
Bars and StripesMobile96.10%
Basketball StarDesktop96% – 97%
Basketball StarMobile96% – 97%
Battlestar GalacticaDesktop96% – 97%
Beach BonanzaMobile89.01%
Beetle JewelsMobile95.60%
Beetle JewelsDesktop95.60%
Big Bad WolfDesktop97% – 98%
Big BangDesktop96.00%
Big BreakDesktop95% – 96%
Big ChefDesktop96% – 97%
Big FootMobile95.01%
Big Game Spin16Desktop94.04%
Big Game Spin16Mobile94.04%
Big KahunaDesktop96% – 97%
Big KahunaMobile96% – 97%
Big TopDesktop96% – 97%
Big TopMobile96.94%
Bikini PartyDesktop97% – 98%
Bikini PartyMobile97% – 98%
Birds On A WireDesktop96.00%
Birds On A WireMobile96.00%
Black WidowDesktop93.40%
Black WidowMobile93.40%
Black WidowDesktop95.08%
Black WidowMobile95.08%
Blackjack Classic – High LimitDesktop99.75%
Blackjack Classic – Low LimitDesktop99.75%
Blackjack Classic – Standard LimitDesktop99.75%
Blackjack Classic TouchMobile99.59%
Blackjack Professional – High LimitDesktop98.96%
Blackjack Professional – Low LimitDesktop98.96%
Blackjack Professional – Standard LimitDesktop98.96%
BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SinglehandDesktop98.55%
Blood SuckersDesktop98.00%
Bobby 7sDesktop95.15%
Bonus Deuces WildDesktop99% – 100%
Bonus Deuces WildMobile99.15%
Bonus PokerDesktop99% – 100%
Bonus Poker DeluxeDesktop98% – 99%
Boogie MonsterMobile95%-96%
Boom BrothersDesktop96.40%
Break AwayDesktop96% – 97%
Break AwayMobile96% – 97%
Break Da BankDesktop95% – 96%
Break Da BankMobile95.75%
Break Da Bank AgainDesktop95% – 96%
Break Da Bank AgainMobile95.43%
BridesmaidsDesktop96% – 97%
BridesmaidsMobile96% – 97%
Bubble CrazeDesktop94.30%
Bubble CrazeMobile94.30%
Bumper CropDesktop95.53%
Bumper CropMobile95.53%
Burglin BobDesktop93% – 94%
Burlesque QueenDesktop96.38%
Burlesque QueenMobile96.38%
Burning DesireDesktop96% – 97%
Burning DesireMobile96.19%
Bush TelegraphDesktop96% – 97%
Bush TelegraphMobile96.56%
Bust The BankDesktop96% – 97%
California GoldDesktop95.20%
Call of the ColosseumMobile95.26%
Candy DreamsDesktop96.82%
Candy DreamsMobile96.82%
Capt. Quid's Treasure QuestDesktop95.00%
Captain ShockwaveDesktop91.00%
Captain ShockwaveMobile91.00%
Caribbean Stud Professional – High LimitDesktop97.42%
Caribbean Stud Professional – Low LimitDesktop97.42%
Caribbean Stud Professional – Standard LimitDesktop97.42%
CarnavalDesktop96% – 97%
Cash ClamsDesktop94% – 95%
Cash CoasterDesktop93.50%
Cash CoasterMobile93.50%
Cash CrazyDesktop95% – 96%
Cash CuisineDesktop95.00%
Cash CuisineMobile95.00%
Cash SplashMobile91.47%
Cash StampedeDesktop95.27%
Cash StampedeMobile95.27%
CashanovaDesktop96% – 97%
Cashapillar SlotsDesktop95% – 96%
Cashing RainbowsDesktop95.47%
Cashing RainbowsMobile95.47%
CashSplash 5 ReelDesktop91% – 92%
CashvilleDesktop95% – 96%
Casino Hold’EmDesktop98.75%
Castle BuilderDesktop96% – 97%
Centre CourtDesktop95% – 96%
Centre CourtMobile95.51%
Chain MailDesktop96% – 97%
Champion RacewayDesktop94.20%
Champion RacewayMobile94.20%
Champion’s GoalDesktop95.70%
Champion’s GoalMobile95.70%
Cherries Gone WildMobile95%-96%
Cherry BlossomsDesktop95.37%
Cherry BlossomsMobile95.37%
Christmas EveDesktop95.93%
Christmas EveMobile95.93%
Clash of QueensMobile95% – 96%
Classic 243Desktop97.00%
Classic 243Mobile97.00%
Classic Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Classic Blackjack GoldMobile99% – 100%
Classic Jacks Or Better  – 1 HandDesktop99.56%
Classic KenoDesktop75% – 94.9%
Cleopatra MJPDesktop92.00%
Cleopatra MJPMobile92.00%
Cleopatra PlusDesktop92.89% – 96.50%
Cleopatra PlusMobile92.89% – 96.50%
Cool BuckDesktop94% – 95%
Cool BuckMobile94% – 95%
Cool WolfDesktop96% – 97%
Cool WolfMobile96% – 97%
Cops And RobbersDesktop95.00%
Cops And RobbersMobile95.00%
Copy CatsDesktop96.76%
Copy Cats TouchMobile96.76%
Cosmic CatDesktop96% – 97%
Cosmic FortuneDesktop96.90%
Couch PotatoDesktop97% – 98%
Couch PotatoMobile97.43%
CrapsDesktop98% – 99%
Crazy 80sDesktop96% – 97%
Crazy ChameleonsDesktop96% – 97%
Creature From The Black LagoonDesktop96.50%
Cricket StarDesktop96% – 97%
Cricket StarMobile96% – 97%
Crime SceneDesktop96.70%
Crown of EgyptDesktop95.00%
Crown of EgyptMobile95.00%
Crystal GemsDesktop95% – 95%
Cyber Stud PokerDesktop97% – 98%
Da Vinci DiamondsDesktop94.90%
Da Vinci DiamondsMobile94.90%
Da Vinci Diamonds Dual PlayDesktop95.20%
Da Vinci Diamonds Dual PlayMobile95.20%
Dancing DragonsDesktop95.79%
Dancing DragonsMobile95.79%
Day of the DeadDesktop94.90%
Dazzle MeDesktop96.90%
Dazzle Me TouchMobile96.90%
Dead Or AliveDesktop96.80%
Dead Or AliveMobile96.80%
Deck The HallsDesktop95% – 96%
Deck The HallsMobile95.38%
Demolition SquadDesktop97.10%
Deuces and Joker PokerDesktop99% – 100%
Deuces WildMobile96.77%
Deuces Wild – 1 HandDesktop97.97%
Deuces Wild Double UpDesktop96.77% – 97.97%
Deuces Wild PokerDesktop96% – 97%
Deuces Wild Power PokerDesktop99% – 100%
Devil’s DelightDesktop97.60%
Diamond QueenDesktop94.80%
Dino MightDesktop96% – 97%
Disco SpinsDesktop96.40%
Divine FortuneDesktop96.59%
Divine FortuneMobile96.59%
DJ WildDesktop96.30%
DJ WildMobile96.30%
Doctor LoveDesktop95.04%
Doctor LoveMobile95.04%
DogfatherDesktop95% – 96%
Double Bonus PokerDesktop99% – 100%
Double Bonus Spin RouletteDesktop98.00%
Double Double Bonus PokerDesktop98% – 99%
Double Double Bonus PokerMobile98.98%
Double Exposure Blackjack Pro – High LimitDesktop99.33%
Double Exposure Blackjack Pro – Low LimitDesktop99.33%
Double Exposure Blackjack Pro – Standard LimitDesktop99.33%
Double JokerDesktop98% – 99%
Double Play SuperBetDesktop95.88%
Double Play SuperBetMobile95.88%
Double your Dough!Desktop95.11%
Double your Dough!Mobile95.11%
Double Zero RouletteDesktop94.74%
Double Zero RouletteMobile94.74%
Down the PubDesktop96.42%
Down the PubMobile96.42%
Dr Love on VacationMobile95.43%
Dr Watts UpDesktop96% – 97%
Dracula’s FamilyDesktop95.55%
Dracula’s FamilyMobile95.55%
Dragon DanceDesktop97% – 98%
Dragon DanceMobile97% – 98%
Dragon DropDesktop95.23%
Dragon DropMobile95.23%
Dragon ScrollsDesktop95.00%
Dragon ScrollsMobile95.00%
Dragons MythDesktop96%-97%
Dragon’s MythMobile96%-97%
DragonzDesktop96% – 97%
DragonzMobile96% – 97%
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Treasures of Icewind DaleDesktop94.90%
Dungeons and Dragons – Crystal CavernsDesktop95.00%
Dungeons and Dragons – Crystal CavernsMobile95.00%
Eagles WingsDesktop96% – 97%
Eagles WingsMobile96.47%
Easter Cash BasketDesktop95.08%
Easter Cash BasketMobile95.08%
Eastern DelightsDesktop95.22%
Eastern DelightsMobile95.22%
Eastern DragonDesktop95.00%
Eastern DragonMobile95.00%
Egyptian HeroesDesktop96.70%
Electric SamDesktop96.00%
Electric SamMobile96.00%
ElementalsDesktop96% – 97%
Elements The AwakeningDesktop96.00%
Emerald IsleDesktop96.59%
Emerald IsleMobile96.59%
Esqueleto ExplosivoDesktop96.00%
Esqueleto ExplosivoMobile96.00%
Euro Golden CupDesktop96.13%
Euro Golden CupMobile96.13%
European Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
European Blackjack GoldMobile99.60%
European Blackjack Redeal GoldDesktop99% – 100%
European RouletteDesktop97.30%
European RouletteMobile97.30%
European RouletteDesktop97.30%
European RouletteDesktop97.30% – 98.65%
European RouletteMobile97.30% – 98.65%
European RouletteMobile97.30%
European RouletteMobile97.30%
European Roulette GoldDesktop97% – 98%
Fairytale Legends: Hansel and GretelDesktop96.71%
Fairytale Legends: Hansel and GretelMobile96.71%
Fairytale Legends: Red Riding HoodDesktop96.33%
Fairytale Legends: Red Riding HoodMobile96.33%
Family GuyDesktop94.20%
Family GuyMobile94.20%
Fantasini: Master of MysteryDesktop96.60%
Fantasini: Master of Mystery TouchMobile96.60%
Fat Lady SingsDesktop96% – 97%
Festival QueensDesktop95%-96%
Fire HorseDesktop94.90%
Fire HorseMobile94.90%
Fire OpalsDesktop92.90%
Firehouse HoundsDesktop93.50%
Firehouse HoundsMobile93.50%
Fish And ChipsDesktop95.08%
Fish And ChipsMobile95.08%
Fish PartyDesktop96% – 97%
Fish PartyMobile96%-97%
Fistful of DollarsDesktop91.10%
Fistful of DollarsMobile91.10%
Five Play Draw PokerDesktop96.38% – 99.64%
Flowers Christmas EditionDesktop96.30%
Flowers Christmas Edition TouchMobile96.30%
Football StarDesktop96% – 97%
Football StarMobile96.42%
Football: Champion CupDesktop96.80%
Football: Champion CupMobile96.80%
Forbidden ThroneDesktop96.10%
Forbidden ThroneMobile96.10%
Forest ManiaDesktop95.62%
Forest ManiaMobile95.62%
Fortune GirlDesktop95.86%
Fortune GirlMobile95.86%
French RouletteDesktop98% – 99%
French Roulette – High LimitDesktop97.30%
French Roulette – Low LimitDesktop97.30%
French Roulette – Standard LimitDesktop97.30%
French Roulette – VIP LimitDesktop97.30%
Frog GrogDesktop96.10%
Frog GrogMobile96.10%
Frozen DiamondsDesktop96.47%
Frozen DiamondsMobile96.47%
Fruit AbductionDesktop95.08%
Fruit AbductionMobile95.08%
Fruit BasketDesktop95.00%
Fruit BasketMobile95.00%
Fruit CaseDesktop96.40%
Fruit Fiesta 3 ReelDesktop90% – 91%
Fruit Fiesta 5 ReelDesktop90% – 91%
Fruit ShopDesktop96.70%
Fruit ShopMobile96.70%
Fruit Shop Christmas EditionDesktop96.70%
Fruit Shop Christmas Edition TouchMobile96.70%
Fruit WarpDesktop97.04%
Fruits of the NileDesktop95.37%
Fruits of the NileMobile95.37%
Fur BallsDesktop93.98%
Fur BallsMobile93.98%
Game King Bonus PokerDesktop99.10%
Game King Bonus PokerMobile99.10%
Game King Double Bonus PokerDesktop99.10%
Game King Double Bonus PokerMobile99.10%
Game King Double Double Bonus PokerDesktop99.50%
Game King Double Double Bonus PokerMobile99.50%
Game King Jacks or BetterDesktop99.50%
Game King Jacks or BetterMobile99.50%
Game of Thrones – 15 LinesDesktop95%-96%
Game of Thrones – 15 LinesMobile95%-96%
Game of Thrones – 243 WaysDesktop95%-96%
Game of Thrones – 243 WaysMobile95%-96%
Garden PartyDesktop94.10%
GerminatorDesktop95% – 96%
Ghost PiratesDesktop96.90%
Ghostbusters Triple SlimeDesktop94.20%
Ghostbusters Triple SlimeMobile94.20%
Giant RichesDesktop96.06%
Giant RichesMobile96.06%
Gift RapDesktop96% – 97%
Girls with Guns – Jungle HeatDesktop96% – 97%
Girls with Guns II – Frozen DawnDesktop96% – 97%
Gladiator of RomeDesktop94.20%
Gladiator of RomeMobile94.20%
Glow TouchMobile96.70%
Go BananasDesktop96.90%
Gods of GizaDesktop96%-97%
Gods of GizaMobile96%-97%
Gods of OlympusDesktop95.17%
Gods of OlympusMobile95.17%
GoldDesktop96% – 97%
Gold FactoryDesktop96% – 97%
Gold RushDesktop95.79%
Gold RushMobile95.79%
Gold StrikeDesktop94%-95%
Golden DragonDesktop93% – 94%
Golden EraDesktop96% – 97%
Golden EraMobile96% – 97%
Golden GoddessDesktop94.90%
Golden GoddessMobile94.90%
Golden JungleMobile94.90%
Golden JungleDesktop94.90%
Golden PrincessDesktop95% – 96%
Goldwyn’s FairiesDesktop96.28%
Goldwyn’s FairiesMobile96.28%
Gong Xi Fa CaiDesktop94.20%
Gong Xi Fa CaiMobile94.20%
Gonzo’s QuestDesktop96.00%
Gonzo’s QuestMobile96.00%
Grand MonarchDesktop94.90%
Grand MonarchMobile94.90%
Great GriffinDesktop96% – 97%
Greener PasteurMobile96.00%
Guns N’ Roses Video SlotsDesktop96.90%
Guns N’ Roses Video Slots TouchMobile96.90%
Happy HolidaysDesktop96 % – 97 %
Happy HolidaysMobile96 % – 97 %
Happy JungleDesktop95.15%
Happy JungleMobile95.15%
HellboyDesktop96% – 97%
Hexbreaker 2Desktop94.90%
Hexbreaker 2Mobile94.90%
Hi Lo BlackjackDesktop99.59%
Hi Lo BlackjackMobile99.59%
Hi Lo GamblerMobile97.17% – 97.67%
High Limit BaccaratDesktop98% – 99%
High RiseDesktop95.16%
High RiseMobile95.16%
High SocietyDesktop96% – 97%
High SocietyMobile96.80%
HiLo 13 European Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
HitManDesktop95% – 96%
Ho Ho HoDesktop95% – 96%
Hooks HeroesDesktop96.80%
Hooks Heroes TouchMobile96.80%
Horn Of PlentyDesktop94.50%
Horn Of PlentyMobile94.50%
Horn of Plenty Spin16Desktop94.99%
Horn of Plenty Spin16Mobile94.99%
Hot as HadesDesktop96% – 97%
Hot Cross BunniesDesktop95.64%
Hot Cross BunniesMobile95.64%
Hot Cross Bunnies – LoadsABunnyMobile95.47%
Hot InkDesktop96% – 97%
Hot Roll Super Times PayDesktop91.97% – 96.07%
Hot Roll Super Times PayMobile91.97% – 96.07%
Hound HotelDesktop96%-97%
Huangdi: The Yellow EmperorDesktop95% – 96%
Huangdi: The Yellow EmperorMobile95% – 96%
I Love ChristmasDesktop95.08%
I Love ChristmasMobile95.08%
Immortal RomanceDesktop96% – 97%
Immortal RomanceMobile96% – 97%
In BloomDesktop96.00%
Instant GreyhoundsMobile90.80%
Instant GreyhoundsDesktop90.80%
Instant HorsesDesktop89.10%
Instant HorsesMobile89.10%
Instant RacingDesktop89% – 93%
Instant RacingMobile89% – 93%
Instant SpeedwayDesktop93.17%
Instant SpeedwayMobile93.17%
Instant TrottingDesktop89.50%
Instant TrottingMobile89.50%
Instant VelodromeDesktop88.49% – 89.86%
Instant VelodromeMobile88.49% – 89.86%
Isle O’Plenty MJPDesktop92.40%
Isle O’Plenty MJPMobile92.40%
It Came from the MoonDesktop95.76%
It Came from the MoonMobile95.76%
Jack and the BeanstalkDesktop96.30%
Jack and the BeanstalkMobile96.30%
Jack HammerDesktop97.00%
Jack HammerMobile97.00%
Jack Hammer 2Mobile97.10%
Jack Hammer 2Desktop97.10%
Jackpot 6000Desktop98.90%
Jackpot ExpressDesktop93% – 94%
Jacks or BetterDesktop99% – 100%
Jacks Or BetterMobile99.54%
Jacks Or Better – 1 HandDesktop99.56%
James WinDesktop96% – 97%
James Win TouchMobile96% – 97%
Jason and the Golden FleeceDesktop96% – 97%
Jason’s QuestDesktop96% – 97%
Jason’s QuestMobile96% – 97%
Jewel of ArtsDesktop94.80%
Jewels of the Orient Video SlotDesktop96% – 97%
Jimi HendrixDesktop96.91%
Jimi Hendrix TouchMobile96.91%
Jingle BellsDesktop94% – 95%
Joker 8000Desktop96% – 97%
Joker PokerDesktop98% – 99%
Joker ProDesktop96.80%
Joker Pro TouchMobile96.80%
Joker Wild – 1 HandDesktop97.95%
Joker Wild Double UpDesktop97.07% – 97.95%
Jungle Jim El DoradoDesktop96% – 97%
Jungle Jim El DoradoMobile96% – 97%
Jungle Spirit: Call of the WildDesktop96.47%
Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild TouchMobile96.47%
Jurassic ParkDesktop96%-97%
Karaoke PartyDesktop96% – 97%
Karaoke PartyMobile96% – 97%
Karate PigDesktop96% – 97%
KathmanduDesktop96% – 97%
King CashalotDesktop90% – 91%
King of SlotsDesktop97.00%
King of Slots TouchMobile97.00%
Kings of CashDesktop96%-97%
Kings Of CashMobile96%-97%
Kings Of ChicagoDesktop97.80%
Kitty CabanaDesktop96%-97%
Koi PrincessDesktop96% – 96.2%
Koi Princess TouchMobile96% – 96.2%
Ladies NiteDesktop96% – 97%
Ladies NiteMobile96.10%
Lady in RedDesktop96% – 97%
Las Cucas LocasDesktop95.08%
Las Cucas LocasMobile95.08%
Leagues Of FortuneDesktop96% – 97%
Legends of AfricaMobile95.40%
Legends of OlympusDesktop95% – 96%
Life of RichesDesktop96% – 97%
Life of RichesMobile96% – 97%
Lights TouchMobile96.10%
Lil LadyDesktop94.90%
Lil LadyMobile94.90%
Lions PrideMobile95.90%
Liquid GoldMobile95%-96%
LoadedDesktop96% – 97%
Lost IslandDesktop96.50%
Lost VegasDesktop95% – 96%
Lost VegasMobile95% – 96%
LotsALoot 3 ReelDesktop90% – 91%
LotsALoot 5 ReelDesktop89% – 90%
Lucky 3Desktop97.23%
Lucky 3Mobile97.23%
Lucky AnglerMobile96.40%
Lucky Angler A Snowy CatchDesktop96.40%
Lucky FirecrackerDesktop96% – 97%
Lucky KoiDesktop96% – 97%
Lucky KoiMobile96% – 97%
Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2Desktop94.10%
Lucky LeprechaunDesktop96% – 97%
Lucky LeprechaunMobile96% – 97%
Lucky LeprechaunsDesktop94.10%
Lucky Leprechaun’s LootDesktop96% – 97%
Lucky PiratesDesktop95.97%
Lucky PiratesMobile95.97%
Lucky ReelsDesktop96.06%
Lucky ReelsMobile96.06%
Lucky TwinsDesktop96% – 97%
Lucky TwinsMobile96% – 97%
Lucky WitchDesktop96% – 97%
Machine Gun UnicornMobile97.19%
Mad HattersDesktop96% – 97%
Mad HattersMobile96.08%
Magic CastleDesktop94.06%
Magic CastleMobile94.06%
Magic PortalsDesktop96.60%
Major MillionMobile89.41%
Major MillionsDesktop89% – 90%
Marioni ShowDesktop95.16%
Marioni ShowMobile95.16%
Masques of San MarcoDesktop95.20%
Masques of San MarcoMobile95.20%
Match Times Pay Bonus PokerDesktop99.16% – 99.32%
Match Times Pay Double Bonus PokerDesktop99.10% – 99.26%
Match Times Pay Double Double Bonus PokerDesktop98.98% – 99.67%
Match Times Pay Jacks or BetterDesktop99.54% – 99.70%
Max DamageDesktop95%-96%
Mayan PrincessMobile96.45%
Mayan Princess Video SlotDesktop96% – 97%
Mayan RichesDesktop94.90%
Mayan RichesMobile94.90%
Medieval MoneyDesktop94.40%
Medieval MoneyMobile94.40%
Mega JokerDesktop90.00%
Mega LoveDesktop95.00%
Mega LoveMobile95.00%
Mega Money MultiplierDesktop96.15%
Mega Money MultiplierMobile96.15%
Mega MoolahDesktop88% – 89%
Mega MoolahMobile88.12%
Mega Moolah IsisDesktop88% – 88%
Mega Spins Break Da BankDesktop95% – 96%
MegaJackpots Wolf RunDesktop92% – 93%
MegaJackpots Wolf RunMobile92% – 93%
Merlin’s MillionsDesktop95% – 96%
Mermaids MillionsDesktop96% – 97%
Mermaids MillionsMobile96.56%
Merry ChristmasDesktop95.18%
Merry ChristmasMobile95.18%
Ming DynastyDesktop96.03%
Ming DynastyMobile96.03%
Mirror MagicDesktop97.16%
Mirror MagicMobile97.16%
Miss RedDesktop94.90%
Miss RedMobile94.90%
Miss WhiteDesktop94.90%
Miss WhiteMobile94.90%
Monte CarloMobile92.57%
MoonshineDesktop95% – 96%
Motorhead Video SlotDesktop96.98%
Motorhead Video Slot TouchMobile96.98%
Multi Wheel Roulette GoldDesktop97% – 98%
Multi-Hand Atlantic City BlackjackDesktop99% – 100%
Multi-hand Classic Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Multi-hand European Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Multi-Hand Perfect Pairs Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Multiplier Mayhem TouchMobile96.70%
Mystic DreamsDesktop96% – 97%
Mystic DreamsMobile96.06%
Mythic MaidenDesktop96.60%
Mythic MaidenMobile96.60%
Natural PowersDesktop94.60%
Natural PowersMobile94.60%
Neon StaxxDesktop96.90%
Neon Staxx TouchMobile96.90%
Noahs ArkDesktop94.90%
Nordic HeroesDesktop93.00%
Nordic HeroesMobile93.00%
Nouveau RicheDesktop94.90%
NRVNA: The Nxt XperienceDesktop96.60%
NRVNA: The Nxt Xperience TouchMobile96.60%
Oasis Poker Professional – High LimitDesktop99.27%
Oasis Poker Professional – Low LimitDesktop99.27%
Oasis Poker Professional – Standard LimitDesktop99.27%
Ocean FortuneDesktop95.00%
Ocean FortuneMobile95.00%
Over the RainbowDesktop95.87%
Over the RainbowMobile95.87%
Pacific ParadaiseDesktop94.20%
Pacific ParadaiseMobile94.20%
Party IslandMobile96% – 97%
Peek PhysiqueDesktop93.30%
Peek PhysiqueMobile93.30%
Perfect Pairs and 21+3 BlackjackDesktop99.59%
Perfect Pairs and 21+3 BlackjackMobile99.59%
Piggy RichesDesktop96.40%
Pinocchios FortuneDesktop95%-96%
Pirate RadioDesktop95.39%
Pirate RadioMobile95.39%
Pixies Of The ForestDesktop94.90%
Pixies Of The ForestMobile94.90%
Playboy SlotDesktop96% – 97%
Poker PursuitDesktop97% – 98%
Pollen PartyDesktop96.82%
Pollen PartyMobile96.82%
Pontoon Professional – High LimitDesktop99.66%
Pontoon Professional – Low LimitDesktop99.66%
Pontoon Professional – Standard LimitDesktop99.66%
Premier Blackjack High Streak GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Premier Multi-Hand Euro Bonus Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Premier RouletteDesktop97% – 98%
Premier Roulette Diamond EditionDesktop97% – 98%
Pretty KittyDesktop96% – 97%
Pretty KittyMobile96% – 97%
Prime PropertyDesktop95% – 96%
Prowling PantherDesktop93.50%
Prowling PantherMobile93.50%
Punto Banco Professional – High LimitDesktop98.92%
Punto Banco Professional – Low LimitDesktop98.92%
Punto Banco Professional – Standard LimitDesktop98.92%
Punto Banco Professional – VIP LimitDesktop98.92%
Pure PlatinumDesktop96% – 97%
Pure PlatinumMobile96.49%
Pyramid: Quest for ImmortalityDesktop96.50%
Pyramid: Quest for Immortality TouchMobile96.50%
Rabbit in the HatDesktop96% – 97%
RagnarokMobile96% – 97%
Randalls RichesDesktop95.23%
Randalls RichesMobile95.23%
Rapid ReelsDesktop94% – 95%
Red Dog ProgressiveDesktop97.34%
Red DragonMobile95.70%
Red Hot DevilDesktop95%-96%
Red MansionsDesktop96.30%
Reel GemsDesktop96% – 97%
Reel GemsMobile96% – 97%
Reel RushMobile97.00%
Reel rushDesktop97.00%
Reel SpinnerDesktop96% – 97%
Reel SpinnerMobile96% – 97%
Reel StealDesktop95.90%
Reel StrikeDesktop95% – 96%
Reel ThunderMobile96.95%
Retro ReelsDesktop96% – 97%
Retro ReelsMobile97% – 98%
Retro Reels – Extreme HeatDesktop97% – 98%
Retro Reels – Extreme HeatMobile97% – 98%
Retro Reels Diamond GlitzDesktop96% – 97%
Rhyming Reels – Hearts & TartsDesktop96% – 97%
Rhyming Reels – Hearts & TartsMobile96% – 97%
Rhyming Reels – Old King ColeDesktop96% – 97%
Rhyming Reels Georgie PorgieMobile95%-96%
Rhyming Reels- Georgie PorgieDesktop95% – 96%
Rhyming Reels- Jack and JillDesktop96% – 97%
Riches of SeaDesktop95% – 96%
Rio BingoDesktop85.00%
Rio BingoMobile85.00%
Rise of SpartansDesktop96.00%
Riverboat GamblerDesktop95.42%
Riverboat GamblerMobile95.42%
Riviera RichesDesktop96% – 97%
Riviera RichesMobile96.51%
Roasty McFry and the Flame BustersDesktop96.10%
Roasty McFry and the Flame BustersMobile96.10%
Robin HoodDesktop96.80%
Rock The BoatDesktop95% – 96%
Roulette Advanced – High LimitDesktop97.30%
Roulette Advanced – Low LimitDesktop97.30%
Roulette Advanced – Standard LimitDesktop97.30%
Roulette Advanced – VIP LimitDesktop97.30%
Royal CharmDesktop85.00%
Royal CharmMobile85.00%
Rugby StarDesktop96% – 97%
Rugby StarMobile96% – 97%
Sam on the BeachDesktop96.30%
Sam on the BeachMobile96.30%
Samba de FrutasDesktop94.50%
Samba de FrutasMobile94.50%
Samba SpinsDesktop94.7% – 95.4%
Samba SpinsMobile94.7% – 95.4%
Santa PawsDesktop96% – 97%
Santa PawsMobile96% – 97%
Santas Wild RideDesktop96% – 97%
Santas WorkshopDesktop89.00%
Santas WorkshopMobile89.00%
ScroogeDesktop96% – 97%
Secret AdmirerDesktop96% – 97%
Secret AdmirerMobile96% – 97%
Secret of the StonesDesktop96.70%
Secret RomanceDesktop95% – 96%
Secret RomanceMobile95% – 96%
Secret SantaDesktop96% – 97%
Secrets of AtlantisDesktop97.00%
Secrets of Atlantis TouchMobile97.00%
Secrets of ChristmasDesktop96.72%
Secrets of ChristmasMobile96.72%
Shanghai BeautyDesktop96.00%
Shanghai BeautyMobile96.00%
Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For BlackwoodDesktop95.00%
Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For BlackwoodMobile95.00%
She’s A Rich GirlDesktop95.00%
She’s A Rich GirlMobile95.00%
Shoot!Desktop96% – 97%
Shoot!Mobile96% – 97%
Siberian StormDesktop94.90%
Siberian StormMobile94.90%
Siberian Storm Dual PlayDesktop94.20%
Siberian Storm Dual PlayMobile94.20%
Siberian Storm MJPDesktop92.00%
Siberian Storm MJPMobile92.00%
Silent MovieDesktop95.10%
Silent MovieMobile95.10%
Silent RunDesktop96.10%
Silver FangDesktop96% – 97%
Silver FangMobile96.30%
Single Deck Blackjack Professional – High LimitDesktop99.83%
Single Deck Blackjack Professional – Low LimitDesktop99.83%
Single Deck Blackjack Professional -Standard LimitDesktop99.83%
Sky WayMobile95.70%
Small SolidersDesktop96.30%
Small SolidersMobile96.30%
Snakes and LaddersDesktop95.01%
Snakes and LaddersMobile95.01%
Snow Queen RichesDesktop95.00%
So Many MonstersMobile96% – 97%
So Much CandyMobile96% – 97%
So Much SushiMobile96% – 97%
Soccer SafariDesktop96% – 97%
Space LightsDesktop96.11%
Space LightsMobile96.11%
Space WarsDesktop96.80%
Spanish 21 BlackjackDesktop99% – 100%
Spanish 21 Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Sparks TouchMobile96.50%
Spell Of OdinDesktop96% – 97%
Spell of OdinMobile96% – 97%
Spinata GrandeDesktop96.80%
Spinata Grande TouchMobile96.80%
Spring BreakDesktop96% – 97%
Spring BreakMobile96.10%
Star BurstDesktop96.10%
Star BurstMobile96.10%
Star Lanterns MJPDesktop92% – 93%
Star Lanterns MJPMobile92% – 93%
Star RaidersDesktop95.00%
Star RaidersMobile95.00%
Star RaidersDesktop95.08%
Star RaidersMobile95.08%
StardustDesktop96 % – 97 %
Starlight KissDesktop96% – 97%
Starlight KissMobile96.52%
StarscapeDesktop95% – 96%
Stash of the TitansDesktop95% – 96%
Stash of the TitansMobile95.07%
Steam TowerDesktop97.00%
Steam Tower TouchMobile97.00%
Sterling SilverMobile96% – 97%
Sterling Silver 3DDesktop96% – 97%
Stickers TouchMobile96.70%
Stinkin’ RichDesktop94.00%
Sumatran StormDesktop94.80%
Summer HolidayMobile97%-98%
Sunrise ReelsDesktop95.27%
Sunrise ReelsMobile95.27%
Supe it UpDesktop95% – 96%
Supe It UpMobile95% – 96%
Super Fun 21Desktop99% – 100%
Super Graphics Super LuckyDesktop95.35%
Super Graphics Super LuckyMobile95.35%
Super Graphics Upside DownDesktop95.25%
Super Graphics Upside DownMobile95.25%
Super Multitimes Progressive HDDesktop91.29% – 95.38%
Super NovaDesktop97% – 98%
Super Nudge 6000Desktop96.80%
Sure WinMobile96% – 97%
Sushi Yum Yum Extra WasabiMobile94.80%
Sweet HarvestDesktop96% – 97%
Sweet SuccessDesktop96.00%
Sweetie LandDesktop95.08%
Sweetie LandMobile95.08%
Taco BrothersMobile96.30%
Taco BrothersDesktop96.30%
Taco Brothers Saving ChristmasDesktop96.40%
Taco Brothers Saving ChristmasMobile96.40%
Tally HoDesktop95% – 96%
Tally HoMobile95.87%
TarzanDesktop96% – 97%
TarzanMobile96% – 97%
Ten Play Draw PokerDesktop96.37% – 99.98%
Tens or Better PokerDesktop99% – 100%
Terminator 2Desktop96% – 97%
The AlchemistDesktop89.00%
The AlchemistMobile89.00%
The Finer Reels of LifeDesktop96% – 97%
The Fruit FactoryMobile95.46%
The Grand JourneyMobile96.35%
The Groovy SixtiesDesktop96.50%
The Heat is OnDesktop96% – 97%
The Heat is OnMobile96% – 97%
The Invisible ManDesktop96.40%
The Invisible Man TouchMobile96.40%
The LabDesktop96.30%
The LabMobile96.30%
The Last PharaohDesktop96.0% – 96.1%
The Magical ForestDesktop95.08%
The Magical ForestMobile95.08%
The Rat PackDesktop96% – 97%
The Super EightiesDesktop96.50%
The Three StoogesDesktop95.08%
The Three StoogesMobile95.08%
The Twisted CircusDesktop96% – 97%
The Wish MasterDesktop96.60%
Theatre of NightDesktop96.14%
Theatre of NightMobile96.14%
Theme Park: Tickets of FortuneDesktop96.50%
Theme Park: Tickets of FortuneMobile96.50%
Throne of EgyptDesktop96% – 97%
Thunder ReelsDesktop96.13%
Thunder ReelsMobile96.13%
ThunderstruckDesktop96% – 97%
Thunderstruck IIDesktop96% – 97%
Thunderstruck IIMobile96.65%
Tiger’s EyeMobile96.26%
Timber JackDesktop93% – 94%
Time Warp GuardianDesktop96.44%
Time Warp GuardianMobile96.44%
Titans of the Sun – HyperionDesktop96% – 97%
Titans of the Sun – TheiaDesktop96% – 97%
Tokidoki Lucky TownDesktop93.50%
Tokidoki Lucky TownMobile93.50%
Tokyo Nights ExtremeDesktop93.98%
Tokyo Nights ExtremeMobile93.98%
Tomb RaiderDesktop96% – 97%
Tomb RaiderMobile96.56%
Tomb Raider 2Desktop95% – 96%
Tornado Farm EscapeDesktop96.50%
Tornado Farm Escape TouchMobile96.50%
Totem TreasureDesktop96% – 97%
Transformers Battle For CybertronDesktop94.60%
Transformers Battle For CybertronMobile94.60%
Treasure NileDesktop92% – 93%
Treasure NileMobile92.11%
Treasure PalaceMobile96.95%
Treasures of the PyramidsDesktop94.10%
Treasures of the PyramidsMobile94.10%
Treasures Of TombsDesktop95.12%
Treasures Of TombsMobile95.12%
Treasures of TroyDesktop95.00%
Treasures of TroyMobile95.00%
Triple Bonus Spin RouletteDesktop98.00%
Triple DiamondDesktop95.00%
Triple DiamondMobile95.00%
Triple Play Draw PokerDesktop96.3% – 99.7%
Triple Pocket Holdem PokerDesktop97% – 98%
Triple Red Hot 7s Free GameDesktop94.90%
Triple Red Hot 7s Free GameMobile94.90%
TunzamunniDesktop90% – 91%
Turning TotemsDesktop96.10%
Turning TotemsMobile96.10%
Twin SpinDesktop96.60%
Twisted CircusMobile96.36%
Txs Hold’Em Professional – High LimitDesktop99.37%
Txs Hold’Em Professional – Low LimitDesktop99.37%
Universal Monsters DraculaDesktop96.60%
Universal Monsters Dracula TouchMobile96.60%
Untamed – Giant PandaMobile96% – 97%
Untamed Bengal TigerDesktop96% – 97%
Untamed Giant PandaDesktop96% – 97%
Untamed Wolf PackDesktop96% – 97%
Vegas BabyDesktop95.00%
Vegas Downtown Blackjack GoldMobile99% – 100%
Vegas DreamsDesktop96% – 97%
Vegas Single Deck Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Vegas Strip Blackjack GoldDesktop99% – 100%
Viking QuestDesktop96.00%
Warlords: Crystals of PowerDesktop96.89%
Warlords: Crystals of PowerMobile96.89%
Water DragonsDesktop94.90%
Well of WondersDesktop96.10%
Well of WondersMobile96.10%
Western BellesDesktop94.80%
Western BellesMobile94.80%
What A HootDesktop96% – 97%
What a HootMobile96.94%
What on EarthDesktop95% – 96%
Wheel of fortune on TourDesktop92.5% – 96.6%
Wheel of fortune on TourMobile92.5% – 96.6%
Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5 ReelsDesktop93.40%
Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5 ReelsMobile93.40%
Wheel of Fortune: Triple Extreme SpinDesktop94.20%
Wheel of Fortune: Triple Extreme SpinMobile94.20%
Wheel of WealthDesktop96% – 97%
Wheel of Wealth Special EditionDesktop95% – 96%
When Pigs FlyDesktop97.00%
When Pigs Fly TouchMobile97.00%
White OrchidDesktop95.00%
Wild Berry – Video SlotDesktop93.00%
Wild Berry – Video SlotMobile93.00%
Wild Birthday BlastMobile94% – 95%
Wild CatchDesktop95% – 96%
Wild HunterDesktop94.15%
Wild HunterMobile94.15%
Wild RocketsDesktop96.70%
Wild SafariDesktop95.32%
Wild SafariMobile95.32%
Wild ToroDesktop96.40%
Wild ToroMobile96.40%
Wild TurkeyDesktop96.60%
Wild WaterDesktop96.40%
Wild Wild West: The Great Train HeistDesktop96.70%
Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist TouchMobile96.70%
Wild WolfDesktop94.90%
Wild WolfMobile94.90%
Win Sum Dim SumDesktop96.28%
Win Sum Dim SumMobile96.28%
Winning WizardsDesktop95% – 96%
Witches WealthDesktop95% – 96%
Wolf RisingDesktop94.50%
Wolf RisingMobile94.50%
Wolf RunDesktop94.90%
Wolf RunMobile94.90%
Wonky WabbitsDesktop96.50%
WowPotDesktop89% – 90%
Xing GuardianDesktop97.01%
Xing GuardianMobile97.01%
Yeti Hunt i3DDesktop95.20%
Zodiac FortuneDesktop95.00%
Zodiac FortuneMobile95.00%
Shangri LaDesktop96.63%
Shangri LaMobile96.63%
Get CluckyDesktop93.30%
Get CluckyMobile93.30%
Hong Kong TowerDesktop96.30%
Hong Kong TowerMobile96.30%
Rainbow RichesDesktop95.00%
Rainbow RichesMobile95.00%
7s to BurnDesktop95.10%
7s to BurnMobile95.10%
Zeus IIIDesktop96.10%
Zeus IIIMobile96.10%
Rainbow Riches Pick n MixDesktop96.00%
Rainbow Riches Pick n MixMobile96.00%
Raging RhinoDesktop95.91%
Raging RhinoMobile95.91%
Action BankDesktop95.16%
Action BankMobile95.16%
88 FortunesDesktop96.00%
88 FortunesMobile96.00%
Royal SpinsDesktop94.10%
Royal SpinsMobile94.10%
Barber shopDesktop97.00%
Barber shopMobile97.00%
Beautiful BonesDesktop96.55%
Beautiful BonesMobile96.55%
Lucky LeprechaunDesktop94.70%
Lucky LeprechaunMobile94.70%
Jester TrioMobile97.00%
Lucky KenoDesktop80.00%
Lucky KenoMobile80.00%
Dragon TempleDesktop94.50%
Dragon TempleMobile94.50%
Gypsy MoonDesktop94.10%
Gypsy MoonMobile94.10%
Cash StaxDesktop96.02%
Cash StaxMobile96.02%
Cirque du Soleil – KozaDesktop96.00%
Cirque du Soleil – KozaMobile96.00%
Hercules High and MightyDesktop96.00%
Hercules High and MightyMobile96.00%
Lucky TreeDesktop96.00%
Lucky TreeMobile96.00%
Red Hot WildsDesktop96.00%
Red Hot WildsMobile96.00%
Prosperity TwinDesktop96.29%
Prosperity TwinMobile96.29%
Butterfly StaxxDesktop96.80%
Butterfly Staxx TouchMobile96.80%
Fu Dao LeDesktop96.00%
Fu Dao LeMobile96.00%
Giants GoldDesktop96.21%
Giants GoldMobile96.21%
Rainbow Riches Free SpinsDesktop95.17%
Rainbow Riches Free SpinsMobile95.17%
Wonder WomanDesktop95.84%
Wonder WomanMobile95.84%
Jurassic WorldDesktop95% – 96%
Jurassic WorldMobile95% – 96%
Fruit BoxesDesktop97.10%
Fruit BoxesMobile97.10%
Lucky CloverDesktop95.55%
Lucky CloverMobile95.55%
Fruitful SiestaDesktop95.44%
Fruitful SiestaMobile95.44%
X-O ManowarDesktop95.00%
X-O ManowarMobile95.00%
Rainbow MagicDesktop95.25%
Rainbow MagicMobile95.25%
Six AcrobatsDesktop95.43%
Six AcrobatsMobile95.43%
Sugar ParadeDesktop96.56%
Sugar ParadeMobile96.56%
108 HeroesMobile96.56%
Cherry BlastDesktop96.00%
Cherry BlastMobile96.00%
3D RouletteDesktop97.30%
3D RouletteMobile97.30%
Legend of the PharaohsDesktop96.10% – 98.20%
Legend of the PharaohsMobile96.10% – 98.20%
Jewel in the CrownDesktop94% – 98%
Jewel in the CrownMobile94% – 98%
Lady of EgyptDesktop96.08%
Lady of EgyptMobile96.08%
Frozen InfernoDesktop96.36%
Frozen InfernoMobile96.36%
Dragon SpinDesktop95.94%
Dragon SpinMobile95.94%
Boulder BucksDesktop94.09% – 98%
Boulder BucksMobile94.09% – 98%
Hot SlotDesktop95.00%
Hot SlotMobile95.00%
Micheal Jackson: King of PopDesktop96.01%
Micheal Jackson: King of PopMobile96.01%
Rocket ReturnsDesktop96.01%
Rocket ReturnsMobile96.01%
Moon ShadowDesktop96.07% – 98.01%
Moon ShadowMobile96.07% – 98.01%
Sphinx WildDesktop94.20%
Sphinx WildMobile94.20%
Smash the PigDesktop94.16%
Smash the PigMobile94.16%
Wild Play SuperbetDesktop95.65% – 97.46%
Wild Play SuperbetMobile95.65% – 97.46%
Icy WildsDesktop94.18%
Icy WildsMobile94.18%
The Wild LifeDesktop94.16%
The Wild LifeMobile94.16%
Mini Blackjack – Standard LimitDesktop99.64%
Mini Roulette – Standard LimitDesktop96.15%

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