Customer Complaint & Dispute Handling Procedure


The purpose of this Customer Complaint & Dispute Handling Procedure is to inform our customers of how they can contact us in relation to any complaint and/or dispute they may have about the services we provide. The procedure outlines how we will address their complaint and/or dispute and what options are available to the customer should they not be satisfied with the outcome of their interaction with us.


A ‘complaint’ means a complaint about any aspect of BetBright’s conduct of the licensed activities, and a ‘dispute’ is any complaint which:

  • relates to the outcome of the complainant’s gambling transaction; and 
  • is not resolved at the first stage of the licensee’s complaints procedure

The Procedure Aims to Provide Information on the Following:

  1. How to contact BetBright 
  2. How to make a complaint 
  3. How we will handle your complaint 
  4. When a complaint becomes a dispute 
  5. How to seek an independent review of your complaint

How to Contact BetBright

Opening hours: BetBright’s Customer Support Team is available from 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week.

Communication Channels

You can contact our Customer Support Team by either:

  1. Calling a Customer Support: +44 (0) 800 011 9630
  2. E-mailing:
  3. Using our ‘Live Chat’ facility
  4. Sending a letter:  

C/O Customer Support Team, 

Dedsert Ireland Ltd (BetBright), 

Heather House, 

Heather Road, 

Sandyford Industrial Estate,

D18 X2P7,



Please note that we are not willing to accept complaints via social media. 

Response Time Commitment

BetBright’s Customer Support Team will respond to your complaint as quickly as possible. Confirmation of receipt of your complaint will be sent within 24 hours, and the first official response will be sent within 2 working days. At this point, the Complaint & Dispute Handling Procedure commences for the customer.

Information Relating to the Progress of a Complaint and/or Dispute
BetBright shall keep the customer informed at regular intervals of the progress of the complaint and/or dispute giving an estimation of the time needed to investigate and resolve the complaint and/or dispute.

Statutory Rights

Please note that the customer’s statutory rights are not affected by this Complaint & Dispute Handling Procedure.

Flowchart: Complaint Process Timescales

Complaints Handling Procedure Stages

Stage 1 - Target Response Time: First Contact Resolution - 2 working days

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service and to that end, our Customer Support Team will initially try and resolve the matter on the first contact. If the matter is not resolved the complaint will be escalated to our Customer Support Senior Agent / Quality Assurance Team and / or the Customer Support Supervisor for review who in turn will provide you with a second opinion. Depending on the complexity of the complaint and if there is a need to involve other departments / third parties, our response time may take longer.

Stage 2 - Target Response Time:  3 working days

The matter at this point becomes a dispute with the Customer Support Management taking over to seek an amicable resolution.  The matter will be fully scrutinised and a final determination will be made.

Stage 3 - Target Response Time:  Dependent on ADR

If you are still not satisfied and having exhausted all internal escalation avenues, you can contact an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) service as outlined in our terms and conditions and below.  
The matter will then be taken up directly with the ADR service and we will adhere to any alternate adjudication made.

How to Seek Independent Adjudication on your Dispute
BetBright is registered with IBAS for independent adjudication services.
Once your dispute has exhausted BetBright’s Complaint Handling Procedure, all BetBright customers have the opportunity to seek an adjudication by IBAS.
You can submit a case for review by IBAS at or you can call IBAS on +44 (0) 207 347 5883 to request a case submission form.

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