Date: 5th of March 

As of the 5th of March 2019, Dedsert (Ireland) Limited trading as BetBright has ceased offering gambling services to its customers on a permanent basis.  

Customers will be able to access their accounts for a period of 30 days, in which we advise customers to withdraw the full balance from their accounts.  

For more information about your account and any unsettled bets, please view our FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I withdraw my balance?   

  • You can withdraw your balance by simply logging in and going to the withdrawal page HERE. 
  • Your account will remain open for 30 days from the 5th of March 2019 to allow you withdraw your full balance.  
  • Please note that withdrawals to credit or debit cards can take between 2-5 business days to reach your account. Withdrawals to eWallet payment methods can take up to 1 business day.  
  • Please also note that due to the sheer volume of withdrawals we need to process, there may be a slight delay in these funds clearing. Please rest assured however as your funds will be processed no later than within 3-5 working days to then clear within 3-5 working days.

How long do I have to withdraw my balance?   

  • You have 30 days from 5th of March 2019 to withdraw your balance. During this 30-day period we will contact customers to encourage them to action withdrawals directly from   
  • After 30 days, you will be unable to access your account. We will then attempt to withdraw your balance to your existing payment method across a period of up to 60 days. Should you have an issue receiving payments in this time you should contact our customer support team.   
  • If after this point that we are unable to contact you or return funds to your account successfully by the 2nd of June, then you may need to deal with a 3rd party to arrange the return of any outstanding funds.   

What has happened to my unsettled bets?  

  • We ceased to offer gambling services to customers on 5th March 2019.
  • All of your bets due to settle before 23:59pm on 5th of March 2019 have been settled as normal.
  • As we cannot guarantee that we will have assets or personnel sufficient to settle bets whose outcomes are to be determined after that date we have decided that it is in the best interests of customers to void these bets and refund stakes such that they are immediately available to be withdrawn.
  • If you had a multiple bet due to settle after 5th March 2019, the winning legs determined prior to 23:59pm on 5th of March 2019 have been settled as winning bets and the remaining unsettled legs have been voided.
  • If you had a single bet due to settle after the 5th of March at 23:59pm it has been voided.
  • Please check your betting and transaction history to see that funds have been returned to your account and please withdraw the balance on your account as soon as possible.
  • We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused.

I can’t login to my account, what can I do?   

  • If you have used our Responsible Gambling tools and have timed out from all products on your account, you will not be able to access any services during your time out period. If you have a balance on your account, this will be withdrawn automatically back to your account for you.   
  • If you can’t login for other reasons, please reset your password HERE or if you are still having difficulty, please contact our customer services team directly HERE for more support.  

What happened to my free bet or bonuses?   

  • If you had an active free bet or bonus on your account that was still live after our closing date on the 5th March 2019, this amount will be added to your account as a cash amount and is withdrawable. You will be able to see this amount added within your transaction history.  

How long will funds take to come back to my bank?  

  • Withdrawals to debit and credit cards can take 2-5 business days. Withdrawals to PayPal and other eWallet methods can take up to 1 business day. Please be advised that all withdrawals are subject to our closed loop policy. To view the policy, click HERE.  

How can I contact customer support?  

  • Our customer support team are on hand from 8am until 10pm daily. You can contact our customer support team directly HERE.  

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